Decor floor with marble slab & porcelain tiles

Marble slab is the best option to give elegant look to your home. Nowadays, interior wall tiles are very popular and trendy. There are many options that are available with different patterns, sizes, and color combinations.

In all these cases, whether for interior decoration or open spaces, architects and designers are increasingly betting on metallic ceramics. They value it highly as a material with wide possibilities, as an ideal medium to convey certain sensations.

If tiles can be attractive for many reasons, then ceramic tiles with a metallic effect, due to their novelty and relevance, simply do not need advertising.

The appearance of the metallic ceramic tile was preceded by a whole decade of scientific research and development. During this period, manufacturers of glazes and ceramic coatings, in cooperation with state research institutes, invested considerable funds in research, resulting in coatings with new surface textures, new reflections, new volumes.

These results were not achieved immediately. The first high-quality metalized frits appeared in 2000. They were enamels with a metallic effect, suitable for single firing, used in the production of porcelain stoneware. However, in the first years of their existence, these materials went unnoticed.

Large-format thin and slim porcelain tiles are the best options for the floor.

  • 600 x 1200 mm slab

    800 x 1600 mm slab

    800 x 1800 mm slab

    1200 x 1200 mm slab

  • If you want o to enhance your wall then you should go with digital wall tiles, It gives a royal touch to your wall. 

  • Digital Wall Tiles300 x 450 MM

  • Digital Wall Tiles300 x 600 MM
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